Private Lessons

Accelerate your training with private coaching in the latest swim techniques using high-tech underwater video analysis.


Expert swim instruction to help your child learn self-rescue skills & learn the beginning foundations of swimming, ages 6 months (& crawling) to 8 years old & under 48” tall.

Race / Swim Analysis

Send us a video of your swimming (in practice or competitive swim racing, including Open Water events) to be analyzed.

Trey Briggs, Owner and Coach for Technique Swim Center

Technique Swim Center (TSC) was founded by OSU graduate, USA & PediaSwim Certified Swim Coach and former competitive swimmer, Trey Briggs. Trey and his TSC team will provide you with ideal private swim coaching instruction to teach you proper swim technique in order to swim better, faster & smarter.

TSC provides expert one-on-one coaching in an environment free from distractions in our 2 lane Endless pool with the use of close-up, real time video analysis for competitive swimmers, triathletes, lap swimmers, and people who want to learn to swim or improve their technical swimming skills.

Our PediaH2O program is learn-to-swim/self-rescue swim skills for ages 6 months (& crawling) to age 8, under 48” tall. PediaH2O is offered in the Spring starting in March. Maintenance PediaH2O lessons are available throughout the summer.