PediaH2O Program

PediaH2O Rescue Swim byt Technique Swim Center

*Although your child will learn self-rescue skills, adult supervision with your child around any water is always a necessity. Certified PediaSwim Instructor, Coach Trey Briggs, will teach 1-to-1 instruction to your child, self-rescue skills and the beginning foundations of learn-to-swim. This type of program has been around since the 1960’s, originating in the western United States and now can be found globally.  Part of how this program works is forming muscle memory, the younger the age the better.


Sessions open for booking Spring 2022.

PediaH2O Learn to Swim

Starting at age 6 months (and crawling) to 8 years old and under 48" tall. Due to the depth of our pool, students taller than 48" will not recieve the full benefit of self-rescue since they would be able to touch the bottom of the pool.
  • 5 days per week
  • 10 Minute Lessons (4-6 Weeks*)
  • Starting at $110 per week**

*This is only an approximation. Children may take less or more time depending on various factors.

**Morning sessions are $22/day, $110/week. Afternoon & evening sessions are $25/day, $125/week. Sessions are 10 minutes in duration. Other self-rescue pediatric swim programs charge up to $190/week.

PediaH2O Maintenance Lessons Available

This is the 2nd step after taking PediaH20. Also, used for refresher after your child has been out of the water for an extended period of time.

Add on Options

You can select this option as an add on to your training package. Included with this page is: 1 Underwater video clip from their session as well as 1 underwater picture.

Sample Video

Sample Image